And what comes next ?
Creation of a Learn2Earn game in which learning about biodiversity, its erosion, the associated threats and the means to preserve it will earn $OREGEN.
In addition, as we want the $OREGEN token to become a currency of exchange for all projects on the preservation of life that will have specific and asynchronous needs to our collections with sometimes a high degree of urgency: we will launch our own DEX in order to facilitate the liquidity of the token, with in addition to the swap function, liquidity pools and farming.
Finally, it seems obvious to us that our subjects, the donation on the one hand, the web3 and its collaborative spirit on the other hand through the sponsorship of artists, push towards a sharing of value and decisions. We are therefore going to build a DAO ("decentralized autonomous organization" -> decentralized autonomous organization, smart contract which makes it possible to distribute governance to the entire community).
Access to it will be possible for all holders of at least one NFT from our collections. Being part of this DAO will allow you to vote for the choice of future artists and partner associations and also on Oregen's development priorities in the future.
To participate in this DAO, it will be necessary to block a certain number of $OREGEN tokens for a certain period of time (the longer the time, the stronger the voting power).
The interest is to give value to the $OREGEN tokens, which will benefit the whole community.
The launch of the DAO will also make it possible to distribute a first part of the capital of $OREGEN tokens to the entire community to highlight it and thank it for its support since the beginning of the project, while including partner NGOs.
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