How are we going to act ?
Oregen wishes to have an active role in the protection of biodiversity. Each published collection will be produced in partnership with an artist, will represent a threatened ecosystem, and will be used to finance the project of an association which acts locally to preserve or regenerate this ecosystem.
To preserve the diversity of fauna and flora, it is important to know the precise situation of each species, to monitor the evolution of threats and to identify priorities for action. For this reason, Oregen will join forces with groups recognized for their effective and profound actions locally.
Beyond the financing of NGOs, Oregen would like to have an educational role with the general public by raising awareness in its community (owners of NFTs, artists, partners, etc.) of the issues and impacts linked to the current worrisome decline in biodiversity.
Finally, any investment involving a return on investment, the Oregen collections will allow you to donate while collecting and re-sharing its value.
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