Oregen aims to use the new advantages brought by the web3, namely access to digital property and decentralization in particular, in order to work for the collective good, while benefiting from the value created.
By revolutionizing the donation, we allow each owner of our NFT to better understand the issues related to the protection of a species, an ecosystem, their threats and the protective actions that are effective, relying on partners recognized for their commitment in the field.
We allow each owner of NFT Oregen to use their assets as a source of investment and profitability in a virtuous value loop: the more NFTs are bought and resold, the more associations can act.
The more the collections progress, the more the NFTs take on economic value. The greater their value, the more brands are committed to protecting biodiversity.
The more interesting it becomes for all project stakeholders to own and trade Oregen NFTs.
We seek to form a winning quartet :
  • NGOs benefit from a new community of donors and new funds to take concrete action in the field in favor of biodiversity,
  • Artists find a new source of funding and a way to make themselves known in a different way,
  • NFT owners contribute greatly to the preservation of species while valuing their digital asset,
  • Oregen becomes a strong company that thanks to its income will be able to launch new projects aligned with its mission.
Let's act together, let's show that web3 is a major tool for having an impact.
Join us.
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