Who are we ?
The Oregen project was born from the contemplations of 3 friends: Raphaël, Thomas and Pierre-Olivier. Despite different life paths, we met a few months ago on shared values and a common ambition: to make innovation and tech tools work together towards the service of the common good, and in particular the environment.
Thomas founded an association at the age of 16 to organize a music festival before developing a real interest in communication, thus guiding his educational and professional career. After having accompanied international artists on tour in the biggest festivals in Europe, he returned to a Masters in Corporate Communication and completed his internship at platform58, La Banque Postale's Fintech/Insurtech incubator, where he met Raphaël and Pierre-Olivier before becoming Community Manager in the communication department of La Banque Postale Group, where he contributed in particular to the development of communication around innovation.
Raphaël began his career as a developer at Thales, where he stayed for 12 years. After several management positions, he became an intrapreneur. A few projects later, he decided to launch his own company, CreateRocks, to support companies in intrapreneurship. He next launched a second project, Grug.club: a business video training platform. He then became responsible for the operations of platform58, which he left to dive into web3/NFT/Crypto subjects. Father of a 7-year-old daughter, the use of technology for positive impact is essential for him.
Pierre-Olivier worked for a long time in the sustainable development / CSR department of Le Groupe La Poste. For 7 years at La Banque Postale, he has applied his knowledge of impact issues to several projects for citizen offers. For the past 2 years, he has been Head of Impact Innovation at platform58. He has also contributed to the development of several committed associative projects such as Sulitest (of which he is still a director), or Tous Élus. He is the environmental and NGO "expert" of the project.
By uniting our know-how and skills around a common ambition, we believe we have several assets to develop Oregen. But these assets will not be enough and we intend to carry out this project with as much transparency as possible while mobilizing a community that has a lot to contribute.
Since the launch of the project in December 2021, we have also met many great people who are committed to our vision and bring complementary assets that make Oregen grow. And that's only the beginning…
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