On what technology ?
Oregen chose to use Polygon technology, layer 2 of Ethereum. A few reasons why:
Proof of work means that multiple computers on the same blockchain network have to solve complex equations and the computer that does it the fastest wins the mining. Each mining brings in a consideration, the so-called gas fee, to reward the miner.
So the miner is tempted to have an increasingly large and increasingly efficient fleet of computers to maximize his chances of winning the transaction.
So a lot of energy is spent to power the infrastructure of this type of computer network.
The other method, proof of stake, works according to the degree of commitment of certain people in the network: the more the person has tokens from this blockchain stored and blocked, the more likely he is to be selected to win the transaction. . It is no longer the computing power of his
computer that is authentic, but the number of tokens blocked on his virtual wallet. You don't need multiple computers running at full speed for this method.
Proof of work is the method used by BitCoin and for the moment by Ethereum (who wants to switch to proof of stake quickly, it will be Ethereum 2.0)
While waiting for the transition to Ethereum 2.0, Polygon (whose token is called MATIC) makes it possible to use the first version of Ethereum by adding a layer to it that works with proof of stake, thus dividing by 10,000 the energy requested by a classic ethereum transaction, and dividing by 100 or 1,000 the gas fees for each transaction.
Polygon is therefore both more economical for the purchase of NFTs, and more economical in terms of energy consumption. The mint of one of the NFTs of the Oregen collections will be equivalent to the environmental impact of sending an email.
By using Polygon, Oregen therefore chose to use the technology method making the least impact on the environment, while relying on the Ethereum blockchain which will allow it to access a large community of potential future donors, and an already efficient second market.
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